Our platform provides an extensible and dynamic user experience on a multi-tenanted SAAS architecture. Users benefit from an iconic digital experience that simplifies workflows, improves efficiency and drives productivity across the funds ecosystem.

Investor Onboarding

  • Multi-tenanted Tailoring the user experience by enabling client specific universes.
  • Dynamic forms Dynamic form builder that can be configured by fund administrators for generic use or specifically for funds.
  • Risk calculator Embedded risk calculator that can be configured by the fund administrator and associated to data provisioned by the investor.
  • Worldcheck Integrated with Worldcheck for KYC, AML, Sanctions & PePs and Adverse Media.
  • Docusign Integration Integrated with Docusign in two ways, field by field integration, for dynamic form filling, and eSignatures.
  • Corporate Builder Enabling organisations to build dynamic corporate structures that can be repeatedly used, and contains data that can be integrated with 3rd party validators.
  • Data Retention Investors are able to retain all of their profile information for reuse across multiple funds, and multiple tenancies
  • Regional Awareness Document and information requests that are jurisdictionally aware